Hypnotic Arts


Hypnotic Tarot Reading
40 - 50 minutes of hypnotic experience for $50 - $80 scale


(you decide how much it is worth to you)

Online reading

I perform all the services listed via FaceBook Messenger or Skype.

I can also work with the iPhone's FaceTime but WhatApp is not very effective.

Please have a pair of headphones and Wi-Fi.

*Please note that I do not offer any type of medical advice, legal advice, or mental health advice.

To comply with the law, I must offer my services as personal enrichment and entertainment services.


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High Achievement Guidance

struggling with finding your purpose?

Need help moving or selecting a career?

wanting to attend school but you fear debt?

You want to find love but are afraid to get hurt?

$160 for 2 hours of personal and professional guidance

Mindscaping can be used for other goals that are not weigh loss as it is a process to instruct your subconscious mind to work towards a goal and break down self- resistance.

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